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At Compass, we understand our clients. We know from our years of experience that in the recruitment supply chain you need to be confident that your suppliers will provide a service to candidates that merits their trust and referral. We always aim to deliver a service based on transparency, efficiency, integrity and professionalism.

Our senior management team have many years of experience in the recruitment industry, so we understand your requirements and priorities. We therefore offer a range of services to cater for all work scenarios, and pay levels, all of which come with the guarantee that your contractors are paid accurately, on time and in compliance with legislation and HMRC rules.

The recruitment industry is challenging enough without having to worry about how you engage and pay contractors. Working with Compass, it’s possible to avoid the significant additional burden of processing a payroll and managing the risk and responsibility of employment.


 Simple and safe, with all the benefits of continuous employment.

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CIS Contractors

 Great financial benefits for construction professionals working as self-employed.

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Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)

 Innovative new PAYE solution providing compliance with IR35 off-payroll rules, plus new transparency and holiday pay legislation. 

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Compass PEO enables agencies to drive internal efficiencies and enhance candidate engagement, whilst reducing employment costs and tax liabilities.

Compass introduced its PEO solution in response to two substantial developments in employment and tax legislation.

Firstly, the extension of IR35 ‘off payroll’ rules to the private sector will impact on the way over half a million contractors operating their own Personal Service Company can be contracted after April 2020, with liability for non-compliance passing up the recruitment chain to end hirers.

Secondly, the Government’s response to the Taylor Report (referred to as ‘The Good Work Plan’) has introduced significantly more complex legal and administrative requirements for recruitment agencies and end hirers who have direct relationships with contractors. Two key compliance risk for recruiters and end hirers are:

  • The need to meet new transparency of employment particulars (including a key facts page of certain mandatory information).

  • Enforcement of rules to ensure contractors receive all holiday pay due from an assignment and financial penalties where complaints have been raised. We will manage contractors employment – paying all taxes and managing holiday pay.

How does it work?

  • Compass PEO enables you to pay contractors PAYE with a clear and simple payslip.

  • Compass are the employer and provide workers with a full contract of employment.

  • Compass is responsible for all statutory employer obligations, such as establishing Right to Work and handling any disputes which result in employment tribunals.

  • This provides all the benefits of worker employment, but with a simple charge back of employment costs to agency or end hirer, so avoiding the confusion that workers may experience with umbrella models.