Compass Umbrella allows you to maximise your take home pay whilst benefitting from full employment rights, like holiday pay, sick pay, maternity/paternity pay and a company pension. What’s more, you maintain a record of continuous employment, which really helps when applying for loans and mortgages.

You can relax knowing Compass will be focussed on ensuring you are paid correctly, on-time, and with the correct tax and National Insurance contributions paid over to HMRC – so no unexpected tax bills.

Why use Compass Umbrella?

Support payments when you need them

You can rely on Compass to provide you with sick pay, maternity pay or paternity pay when you need it.

Record of continuous employment

A record of continuous employment is really useful when applying for a loan or mortgage.

Employee benefits and discounts

Compass benefits include medical support, perks and discounts from big name brands.

Reimbursable expenses

When the end hirer or agency has agreed to reimbursed expenses Compass will process your expense form, receipts, and make payment to you.

Holiday pay & company pension

Take paid leave and build up your pension for the future.

Personal accident insurance cover

Peace of mind knowing that you will be paid if you are absent from work due to injury.